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Feet of Endurance: Meet the Team

Introducing Race Off Road/Plaits and Chats

Pro Off Road triathlete Nicole Walters has rounded up a team of superstars to compete in the Feet of Endurance. Although more accustomed to the world of swim-bike-run, these ladies have been hand-picked for their specialist trail running expertise, unique talents and witty banter, we introduce to you team Race Off Road – Plaits and Chats.

Nicole Walters

Ditching regular triathlon for Off Road events, Nicole has spent the summer sampling bakeries around Europe with her husband Doug whilst pretending to be a professional athlete. She would much rather be in the water or on 2 wheels but for the opportunity to team up with these amazing ladies she will make an exception.

Key skills:  Living out of a bag, Petting fluffy dogs & Drinking Tea

Hayley Down

Devonshire lass Hayley likes spending time in the saddle, be it on a bike or on a horse. She is the wonkiest runner in the team and has her horse Robin on reserve in case she can’t make the relay handovers. When she is not enjoying the outdoors she can be found wandering art galleries, rekindling her art school education.

Key Skills: Farming, Animal whispering & Installation art

Naomi Forrest

Naomi is an adrenaline junkie and loves a challenge! While the 3 sports of triathlon are generally enough for most people, Naomi takes it even further. This crazy lady uses her spare time to play tennis, badminton and cricket!

Key Skills: Sunbathing, Napping & Pancake eating

Caroline Mulligan

As the oldest member of the team, Caroline’s showing that older doesn’t always mean wiser or more experienced. She’s more likely to be found backcountry skiing on the side of a mountain or behind a computer than in a pair of trainers! But she has been practising, completing her first Marathon at Challenge Roth!

Key Skills: Partying, Event Management & Dancing